Katranci Park Hotel having all inclusive concept, seaside located, with its own private beach, amber tree forest surrounded, being in the natural environment, far away from stress, quiet and refreshing 17000 m2 forest covered area situated, having Halal  Islamic concept and meeting all the expectations of Muslim people, it is the best Islamic holiday village in Fethiye and surroundings. Elegant architecture, 69 rooms, closed around, in the open air 190 m2 ladies private swimming pool, 350 m2 men and ladies available swimming pool, having open and closed areas Sultan Restaurant, situated by the swimming pool Huzur Cafe – all the facilities are waiting for our guests ready to make them feel home. The Hotel is situated at 42 km distance to the airport in Dalaman and 17 km to the city centre of Fethiye. Every 10 minutes there are mini busses running to Fethiye city centre from the hotel.

General Information About Hotel
The hotel consists of four, three stored buildings situated in a large area. Having garden, forest and swimming pool view there are 52 Standart rooms, 16 family connection rooms and 1 Villa, (that makes 69 rooms altogether) in the hotel. Standart rooms are suitable for 3 people, family rooms can be used by 4+1 (11.99).There is also one main restaurant, two snack bars, 2 swimming pools for adults, having a water slide 350 m2   available both for ladies and men swimming pool, 190 m2 ladies only swimming pool, two kids swimming pools 15 m2   each in the Hotel.  There is 300 meters way in the shady forest to get to the hotels private beach.